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Google Instant Search Goes Live Now – Try it !

Google Instant Search. Google has produced another innovation, this time it is a new system for research, called Google Instant Search, which should simplify and shorten the time to search the various queries made by users.

According to the analysis this new Instant search could saves 2-5 seconds per search, that if everyone would use this new feature would save 3.5 billion seconds per day, 11 hours every second!

For those who knew about this google instant search news, is not highlighted method to activate the new feature, Please check it out and try google search Instant by your self here.

New iPod Touch 4th Generation, New iPod Nano, New iPod Shuffle

iPod Touch 4th Generation. The iPod touch received a thorough upgrade. The new iPod touch 4th generation also gets a Retinal Display, one camera on the front that can be used for FaceTime VideoChat, a camera at the back which you can film in HD and A4 fast processor in the iPhone is used 4. And all this fits into a housing that is slightly thinner than the previous version. The New iPod touch 4th Gen comes in 8GB ($ 229), 32GB ($ 299) or 64GB ($ 399) memory.

The new iPod Nano version looks like the iPod shuffle, but without buttons. The iPod nano is a square of nearly 4 cm 4 cm at the front with only one multi-touch screen. At the back is a clip to the iPod on your clothes pins.

View relies in terms of fourth-generation iPod shuffle dearly in the second generation but it retains some features of the third generation as VoiceOver. The New iPod shuffle comes in 5 colors (silver, blue, orange, green and pink) with 2GB memory and a battery good for 15 hours music. The new iPod Shuffle will cost $ 49.

Nokia N8, the 1st phone runs on Symbian 3 | A Review | Specifications | Features

Nokia’s 1st mobile phone to run Symbial3 is its N8. In few months this phone will be available in shops.

N8 is still in the final software design, but we are still able to look at its new interface.  There is no big difference from the interface that we saw on the disappointing Nokia’s N97, but some modifications are made that Nokia is hoping that this time it won’t let down his customers.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

N8 comes with an inbuilt storage of 16GB and an external storage up to 32GB microSD card. Nokia is recommending the users not to change the battery by themselves.

The N8 mobile phone has had a restore and also includes a cover flow like aspects when you are holding it in the landscape mode, same as the iPhone. Nokia has not yet confirmed whether UK will get the benefits from the music bonanza.N8 come with a mini HDMI socket and adapter which allows you to connect the phone to your LCD TV. Thus you can see the photos and the video which you shot using the N8 phone. You can also connect it to your home theatre speakers to have a blasting sound.

N8 comes out with a 12 MP camera at its rear. It also has a xenon flash which is used to take up the photo even in a low light.  It also has the autofocus feature which is used for auto focusing when you shoot up some pictures.

The phone consists of 2 microphone one at its bottom and on at its rear. The additional Mic catches and cancels the background noises.

There are lots of editing options present in the N8. It allows you to edit your photos as you like and you can share the photo on emails, Bluetooth and MMS. And also we hope we will be sharing over the social networking like Facebook and Flicker on the final phone.

Nokia is trying its best to provide web TV and it also trying to convince the networks to lets us have it.

Nokia’s N8 case is made up of androised aluminium. There are about 5 colours, although they will be deciding which one to be sold. The solid metallic case feels a vast development on plasticky phones as like Nokia X6.

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Topo Maps for your iPhone : iPhone Applications

Google earth doesn’t stores up the maps data in the cache and it is also not accurately predictable or dependable. If you are moving in a remote area you must have a static topo map which must be loaded in your phone, where you can access it anytime until your phone battery goes down.

iPhone Topo Maps application

It has got solid, but not messy, sets of mapping aspects that is based on the US geological Survey topo maps. It will be showing up contour lines to indicate the mountains and canyons, roads, lakes, river and also forests. They generally have a scale of 1:24,000. They wise thing about the USGS maps is that they are offering the consistent coverage of the U.S. country. I don’t think they don’t require any license to use, which means that the iphone application developers can take these maps and then they scan it to a higher resolution and then integrating it with the GPS locations and build app for the iPhone.

The disadvantage of top maps is that most of these maps may be decades old, created and last updated in the year 1980s. Apparently the trails, roads and waterways might be changed after 35 years or so.

In few cases, for instance, Global Positioning focused a company that makes the committed outdoor Global Positioning devices have the access over the high quality maps than what you will be getting out of the USGS Topo maps.

So if you have an iPhone and $7.99, Topo maps will be working astoundingly very well for you.

Topo maps had also developed to add up the way points which you can add up to your maps and also it permits you to search thro’ internet and download the waypoint files. Map setting controls allows you to decide the slope shading so that you can easily duplicate the sun’s position and also you can set up the height shading so that the highest peaks looks brown.

For instance on a topo map by knowing the distances between the two counter lines you can find out the distances, but it can be a time consuming one. A button called distance button will be generating the concentric circles to show up the distances in KM, miles and also in feet.

Topo map has a feature called visibility mode which computes what you will be doing it as theoretical see from the location on the map. If you are choosing a position very deep in a canyon, you will be having the visibility down to the end of the feet. If you are choosing a mountain’s top the visibility will be shoots out to miles — and the deep spaces present in the canyons will be remained out of sight. has a start up guide which will give you the detailed information about the topo maps.

One final thing: Topo maps working on iPhone 4 and it is not working cent percent. This is because the iphone 4 has high resolution screen, when you are zooming far into the map, it will be showing you the 4-tiles duplicated view of an area. If you zoom out to a larger extent the view will be returning back to the normal view. The developer said that he is working on it for an update.

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Nokia N900 – Review, Features and Specifications

The Nokia N900 will be a boon to lot of cell phone lovers to those who are searching for the best yet reasonable priced mobile on the market. This N900 can be customizable which makes it far better than those others that are not. This can act as a companion of yours, covering all aspects by providing you a various functionality. This provides a platform for use of various web browsers, apps and especially the GPS, with which you can explore each nook and corner of locations.

This Nokia N900 is made up of an attractive HD (high Definition) touch screen, which defines the words quality and clarity. This N900 covers all the functionality that is to be had for a handset to be called a high ended handset. It has got the dock feature where gadgets are present. The integrated GPS allows the use of various applications like Geotagging, Navigation, Ovi maps from Nokia.

Nokia N900 review features and specifications

Nokia N900 Features and Specifications

The features of Nokia N900 include a 3.5 inch HD touch screen which has got resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. N900 has a got a powerful TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 processor having a processor speed of 600 MHz and also it provides support for advanced graphics via OpenGL. N900 is accommodated with a 256 MB RAM and 768 MB of Virtual memory, which gives a performance while in multitasking and working on applications. It comes with an in built memory of 32 GB which is more than enough to accommodate all the entertainment that you want to enjoy on the fly. You can store up to 50 hours of complete entertainment on the memory to keep yourself entertained. If you think, you want even more memory then you can use extendible memory MicroSD card up to 16 GB. The inbuilt GPS system is one of the main feature which allows it to make use of Navigation, Ovi Mapping, Geotagging apps.

Other features of N900 are, you can establish connection with your Tele Vision and go through your videos and photos in your memory. Also, you can have better browser experience both in use and speed. This phone has the latest QWERTY type keypad, which allows you to run through the keys, just the way you type on the keyboard.

Nokia N900 GPS with Ovi Maps apps

The Ovi Maps software is really useful as it allows us to navigate through nook and corner of all areas in the maps and the GPS support acts as the base for the software to work.

Nokia 900 Review

The Nokia N900 launched in 2009 and has been very well received across the world. Reviews have been incredibly favorable for this cell phone and it has touched the techno-hearts of both gadget fanatics and everyday people. Here’s a roundup of some of the reviews the N900 has received in its relatively short life:

The Nokia N900 has covered and attracted most of the mobile technology lovers across the globe. This has satisfied almost all the diversities and has been a successful story for Nokia. Nokia N900 has almost got no negatives but is rich of positives. Some of the reviews are given below.


Points: 8/10

Review Summary: It is a complete package. The apps provided are really awesome as it gives extended functionalities with gadgets like emailing, maps, navigation and social networking. The QWERTY key enables faster typing and the performance is really good.

The Inquirer

Points: 8.9/10

Review Summary:

This is a boon for Nokia Mobile lovers. The processing power and the storage capacity are really beyond the expectation. The QWERTY keypad eliminates the problems of multi-typing and thus emailing is also really easy.


Points: 9.2/10

Review Summary:

This is really not to be called a mobile phone as its capability is just like that of a mini computer. The browsing facilities, managing email accounts are really easy and multitasking is an advantage. The only problem may be that battery charge stays only for 2 days

Altogether, It is a complete Smart Phone package for all.

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What browser is suited for your work? Find best browser for you

The latest Web browser statistics shows that internet explorer still remains the most famous, with a market share of 60%, which includes all the versions of from 6 to 8.  The 2nd place is occupied by Firefox with 24 percent and the third place is occupied the 3rd place with 7 percent.

Which is the best browser?

The Firefox won the approval from IBM Company when it declared the last week Firefox was “enterprise-ready”. Now the open- source browser is going to be preinstalled on all the new IBM’s computers. More than 4 lacks IBM employees and its vendors are insisted to utilise and support the Firefox.

Another open-source competitor is the Google chrome web browser and it is racing like a tortoise slowly and steadily making its move in the browser competition. For so many years I have used Firefox, but still I am very much impressed with the growing advantages of Google chrome’s.  The entire 3 web browser has some similar features like an integrated search engines, Rss feeds, tabbed browsing and automatic updates.

Among the 3 top web browsers Firefox is having the best address, wider add-on library and it is always quicker than the other browsers. For instance, the pages are getting loaded instantly and also they are crystal clear and accurate whereas the IE is dead slow, crashing and burning, which makes me to restart frequently; though IE version 8 has the restore feature.

Both the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer allowing the users to save tabs and adapt settings, chrome doesn’t. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer also providing the parental control and the spell check features, but yet chrome doesn’t. Google chrome and Internet Explorer offers us thumbnail view and can synchronize the browser setting across the PCs, where Firefox doesn’t. But these are the trivial features and these entire things can be added up easily in all 3 browsers by the developers in the future.

From the day one Google’s Chrome is working really faster than the Mozilla Firefox. The unique feature that I like is the chrome divides the computer thread for every tab, which means that if any one tab freezes, the entire browser doesn’t get crashed. And the other special thing about the Google Chrome is that it automatically updates the new versions by itself.

Still Firefox has the biggest add-on library and internet explorer is not bad, but the advantage of chrome is developing daily.  Chrome has third parties app and native support for the programs like Flash and Adobe PDF files scripts are found.

It’s really tough to choose the best browser between IE, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. According to me both the Firefox and Google chrome are far better than IE.

Google created iPhone version of YouTube

iPhone version of Youtube

What is the big difference between the latest version of the YouTube’s mobile site and the YouTube app which is created by apple and installed on each and every iPhone? The web site is very much better.

For now the site is available in English only. The site has a various hottest features that’s all matches with those found in the usual YouTube site and this are devised to supply to the expanding users of mobile YouTube. The product manager of the YouTube mobile team, Andrey Doronichec, had written a company’s blog about the mobile site which was launched in 2007 which served up to 100 million video plays per day.

Google launhced mobile version of YouTube


Instead of clicking the preinstalled YouTube app go on click on the safari web browser for the video instruction calls “the full YouTube experience”

Now the video will be flashing thro’ some images of the glossy design of the site. And then click on some of the videos present in the site to get entertained. When you turn the phone the video will be automatically shifting to the horizontal mode.

The phone will be suddenly changes into a Nexus one operating the android software from Google. It is mysterious. What does the Google is trying to tell here? “We are attempting to demonstrate that our final goal is to provide you reliability, no matter what device are you using,” Mr. Doronichev whispered in an interview.

The mobile site is offering more number of new features for playing the videos which are limited in the iPhone application. There are 2 buttons “like” and “dislike” which are used in the web site for the video rating, says Mr. Doronichec. Whereas the iPhone app till now uses the same old, “star ratings”. Now it is the job of Apple to update the app.

Another fresh feature which is launched is the suggestion search results. When you start type two letters in the YouTube search box the suggestions will be displayed. This feature is not available in the YouTube app.

So by now who will be using the phone apps? You can easily make a bookmark the web site as your home screen on your iPhone with just a couple of clicks.

YouTube said in a blog, “we think this is truly a vast development for the users who need a more reliable YouTube across more devices”.  Google need you to channel that application.

Facebook trying to catch up with Orkut in India: Report

A media reported here that, Facebook, the social networking service has been developing rapidly around the globe and it is even catching up the social networking Orkut in India and Brazil.

Facebook Vs orkut

New York Times reported that Facebook has started pulling out the Orkut in India. But one year ago Orkut was twice larger than Facebook.

It also added that “Last year the social networking Facebook has grown from eightfold to 8 million users in Brazil, where the social networking Orkut has twenty eight million”.

The 26 year old Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has envisaged that Facebook users will be reaching to 1 billion users but he didn’t say when.

“Facebook wants to be ubiquitous, and they are being successful for now,” NYT said.

NYT said, “Facebook wanted to be everywhere and they are now being successful”

The report also added that the rise of the Facebook has created a challenge for the Google and already it had made the search engine giant worried.

Todd Dagres said that “There can’t be a greater threatening to the giant Google than a company which has more than five hundred million subscribers and knows very well a lot about them and placing targeted ads in front of them.”

One of the main thing which driven the Facebook to a global expansion is its efforts in making the networks to be available in several languages.

Last year the no. of users in US has got doubled to 123 million and the number of user in Mexico is tripled to 11 million and in Germany the number of user is quadrupled to 19 million.

On the other hand the website has been blocked in China.  In Japan, Russia and South Korea only there are less than a million users.

It has a upward revenue of nearly 1 billion USD annually. Bing Gordon who is the maker of the famous games like mafia wars and Farmville games, said to NYT that Facebook had been hired few best engineers in Silicon Valley.

Sony Cyber-Shot Cameras – 3D shooting : Review and Specifications

Sony’s 3D capability cameras is not a new concept but 2 new products of it are added to the Cyber-shot series, which are first point and shoot cameras providing 3D image Capability with a sole lens to create 3D photos.

The DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 Cyber shots was released last year and the successors of these 2 gives the 2 new products which are Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor based Cyber shot, DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5. These 2 new cameras feature many in-camera options and panorama mode. There is a 3rd point and shoot camera that works on the CCD sensor called DSC-T99 which has got no 3D panorama.

Sony Cybershot 3D

Dual Lens, 3 Dimensions

The Cameras produce 3D images in this ways. They actually have a dual lens system, in which the 2 lens are kept apart from each other like that of a person eyes. When a photo is taken, 2 offset images are produced which are laid upon each other to produce a visual 3D effect with various in camera settings. (Some are red/blue filters, polarization methods, projecting photos on a display screen).

Both the cameras possess the dual lens system which allows it to take advantage of the Sony’s Sweep panorama mode, where the shutter button is clicked once and the camera can revolve around taking a discrete scene of images which will be stitched together to produce a 3D panorama image finally.

The images produced will be several offset images which produce the 3D effect. To view the 3D effect, the image should be observed with a HDTV set via 3D glasses. You can make use of Sony Bravia HDTV and the company’s 3D glasses to have the best compatible 3d view of the image.

Though, this looks costly but to experience the 3D technology, it is essentially needed as the 3D view produced of that HDTV gives a high quality 3D effect, where the images were found to have depth as it was popping in front of the glass.

Alpha NEX-3 and Alpha NEX-5 were given some software update to integrate this panorama effect into them, which enabled the cameras to have good start up times and long life for batteries.

WX5 Specs and Features:

The WX-5 features a 12 MP, 5X optical zoom lens (24 to 120mm in 35 mm film) and has got many other interesting modes other than its 3D shooting and panorama modes.

One mode is Superior Auto mode just like that of Twilight mode, where you can take fast moving continuous noiseless photos.

The second mode is Sweep Multi Angle, you can take continuous photos of a scene across multiple angles and after that they can be viewed by tilting them, side to side in all directions.

WX5 has got no manual controls but only a more granular photo controls with several shooting modes. For instance, Background Defocus gives a depth in field effects, Backlight Correction HDR and Handheld Twilight modes for varying light conditions. WX5 can record at 17 Mbps 1080i/60 fps AVCHD video and will be ready for release by Sep for 300$.

TX9 Specs and Features:

TX9 is a 3.5 inch diagonal touch screen enabled and features 12 MP camera, 4X zoom lens (25 to 100mm), and has the same recording capability as that of the WX5. It has also got all the features and shooting modes of the WX5 and will be available for sale by Sep for 400$.

TX99 Specs and Features:

T99 has a 14 MP camera and 4X zoom and contains the panorama effect and 720p HD recording as MPEG-4 files and will be available in Sep for 250$.

Face of Facebook in US : Are you a facebook addict?

Based on a poll conducted in US, Lot of people are getting attracted towards Facebook and especially young Females check their page in the morning even before going to bathroom. According to Light Speed Research for Oxygen Media, “About 34 % of Females having their ages between 18 and 34 were checking their Facebook status in the morning even before brushing or face cleansing”.

Facebook addiction

Also, 20 % accepted that they have a final look on the Facebook while going to bed and 26 % accepted that they woke up often at night to view their text messages.

Among those 1605 people aged between 18 and 54 (social media users), nearly 39 % of them are found to be “Facebook Addicts”.

31 % had accepted that they are more concerned about their online profile than the real life profile and 57 % of females aged between 18 and 34 accepted that the conversations that they have in Online is more than the Face to Face conversations.

63% of females consider Facebook to be a job networking method, but 42 % of females didn’t think that putting their photos online is not a bad thing.

48 % of females claim that they get latest news only via Facebook and 41 % claim that they utilize Twitter to be updated.

50 % of single female and 65 % of single male accept that meeting and dating via Facebook is a good thing.

6 % of single female use Facebook to “hang out” when compared to 20 % of men.

24 % male compared to 9 % of female think Facebook is involved in break up as well. is a website built to support social network had claimed that, “the number of active users reduced from 7.8 million to 320, 800 (from May to June). This is just a blip, which we have never encountered before.”